Sunday, June 8, 2014

Carter's Baptism

Carter was baptized in February!!! I say this with great exclamation because I'm so proud of his choice. Sometimes we think of a child baptism as an automatic thing - that's not the case for Carter. We were worried about him for several years because he didn't seem to have the sensitivity to spiritual matters that his brother did. We took the approach of teaching him correct principles and letting him make his own choices. He really wanted to make this commitment himself without pressure from us - and that's what makes me so proud of him. It's been a privilege watching this smart boy grow in so many ways over the past few years. Congratulations, Carter!

Cub Scout Roundup

The scouting program year officially ends in three weeks, but I am already celebrating. I don't have to teach this month and the final pack meeting was a few weeks ago. Being a leader in Cub Scouts keeps me far busier than I care to admit. This is the first year that Jordan and Carter were both in Scouts and it's really difficult putting time into both of their goals and keeping track of a den of 8 boys all at the same time!!! Here are some of the year's highlights for our boys.

Jordan received his Arrow of Light in May! He now has 17 of the 20 activity badges in Webelos and he has a goal of getting all 20 by his birthday. By way of comparison, I think I earned 8 as a Webelos.

One of the most fun activity badges was "Outdoorsman". We built a fire pit in our back yard and cooked S'mores as part of the requirements. Cynthia really enjoyed this event and it was great early exposure for both Carter and Davis to the fun of scouting.

Jordan also earned his Webelos badge last Fall as well as the Cub Scout Religious Square Knot (which I hear is rare these days).

Carter started Cub Scouts in January and quickly earned his Bobcat badge. I feel a little bad that I haven't helped him complete his Wolf badge yet, but I guess I can't do everything.

Carter and Jordan also had a very successful Pinewood Derby. Carter earned 2nd place and Jordan had the 3rd fastest car overall, but was kicked out of the semi-finals as he was in the same heat as the eventual 1st and 2nd place winners. I polished the axles like normal but I also did the railriding technique this year. Very succesful. The 1st place winner didn't have BSA approved wheels so it's no wonder that he won every single race he had.