Monday, June 18, 2012

(f)Ace of Cake

One of my favorite traditions is giving our kids their own cake on their first birthday. Davis did a great job attacking his cake and managed to get about half of it down before getting really bored with it.

This time I was able to get a full 20 minutes in 720p (thank you, technology!). Here's a 4.5 minute highlights reel that I just can't stop watching:

The Davis Show


 1 week

 1 month

 2 months

 3 months

 4 months

 5 months

 6 months

 7 months

 8 months

 9 months

 10 months

11 months


We are so in love with this boy. He has been an absolute delight the past year. When Cynthia first had an ultrasound with Davis, she called me to let me know the results. She let me know he's a boy then broke down in tears saying "he's perfect". Many months later, Davis has continued to be just that - perfect. 

As much fun as it is to have a perfect little toddler now instead of a perfect little baby, I'm reminded of a song...

Where are you going, my little one, little one,
Where are you going, my baby, my own?
Turn around and you're two,
Turn around and you're four,
Turn around and you're a young (boy) going out of my door.

Time marches on too quickly.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pioneer Century 2012

Two days after the bike accident I had a half-century (55 miles to be exact) to ride. I was looking forward to this for months so I couldn't miss it. My bike is still getting inspected for insurance purposes, so I rented a carbon fiber bike for the ride. It was super nice, but I miss MY bike. The injuries from the crash didn't hamper me one bit and I had an extremely enjoyable ride.

My main goal this time around was to record video of Sawtell Hill, the giant 3000 ft hill during the ride. The camera mount wasn't that great, but I think I got enough video to be entertaining. You be the judge.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Both Jordan and Carter were in soccer this year. We now realize how difficult it is to ferry boys to soccer games in different locations when you only have one car.

This was Carter's first year of organized sports. Let's just say that he openly admits going to the games just for the snacks. During most games he could be seen dancing around mid-field. He did enjoy learning some great skills and I hope he sticks with it.

Jordan greatly improved his game this year. He had a great coach that taught the beautiful game well. Jordan is really turning out to be an excellent defensive player. Some of his games were so exciting that I had trouble reading the book I brought. I can't believe how quickly these kids get mad skillz!

I always thought our boys would be in baseball, and I've got to admit that I still miss the idea of watching my boys playing in little league...but I really think they found their sport, and that brings me much joy.

The Money Pit

We are soon to be homeowners! We are now experiencing that mix of emotions including: terrifying, excited, nervous, hopeful, wallet-denting, and unprepared to the point of relying on faith.

So...barring some strange turn of events, this will be our home by the end of the month!