Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gourmet Century 2012

There's a guy in town named Chris King. Bit of a legend in Portland. Makes some of the best bike components on earth. Aside from a being cycle-head, Chris is also a major foodie. Great combination if you ask me! Chris combines his two loves each year for 300 people in the Gourmet Century ride.

For the ride, Chris assembled three chefs from up-scale restaurants in town and gave them a theme of "Farm Fresh". The Gourmet Century is only a metric century (100 km), but made up for the misnomer with large hills and incredible, amazing, jaw-dropping food. We were served breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I'd list some of the menu, but I can't even pronounce half of it! Most long rides you have to pace yourself to have energy to finish - this ride you had to pace what you ate!

I'd been looking forward to this event for a year and it did not disappoint! I convinced a large group of buddies to go with me and I've already got Gourmet Century 2013 on my calendar!

Note to Self: Peter, you've really got to train for these rides a little better. I know you've been busy with the house and your studies, but you've gotta think of your health! Sure, you loved the food and the experience...I know you'll tell everyone on the blog how much you loved it. But on this ride, you had severe hip pain with each down stroke for five miles because of your lack of training! Remember? You didn't even know if you would be able to finish to went really slow the final fifteen miles...and got really sunburned...yeah. Train a little better, man. Capiche? But I do was worth the pain!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What We've Learned as Homeowners

  1. Every project costs more than you expect.
  2. Every project takes longer than you expect.
  3. The water heater is always the first thing to go.
  4. Three spider egg sacs can fit behind one outdoor lamp!
  5. A compact fluorescent light bulb is the perfect size to stop a toilet.
  6. Two pairs of shorts are the perfect size to stop an air vent.
  7. Bamboo clippings are very itchy.
  8. Slugs love barbecue drippings.
  9. People care more about painting walls than maintaining their home.
  10. WE CAN DO THIS!!!