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Saddle Mountain Expedition
Saddle Mountain Saxifrage

June 17, 2017
Clatsop County, Oregon
9:30am to 1:00pm


  • Find, photograph, and geolocate  two flowers that are endemic to Saddle Mountain - Saddle Mountain Saxifrage & Saddle Mountain Bittercress


  • I found the Saddle Mountain Saxifrage. It had a lot of flowers on one stem. There are very tiny flowers, each one has five petals.
    • Found at 45.96184, -123.68377.
  • We didn’t find the Saddle Mountain Bittercress, a four-petaled white flower with one per stem. The size of each flower is one-half inch.
  • The past winter was very snowy and very cold. The weather disrupted lots of things. School buses, work schedules, and probably nature. It might have made a later spring because the climate hasn’t been sunny at all during the winter or spring. Now that it’s turning into summer, it finally feels like spring.


  • I learned that some things (including flowers) don’t look special, but they are special.
  • I learned that I don’t really like the food for backpacking. It’s also challenging carrying everything you need for backpacking.

Things I liked the most

  • I liked seeing all the different types of flowers on Saddle Mountain.
  • I like the two-plank bridge, getting to the top, and making the food for the trip.

By Carter Hedgecock, Expedition Leader

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