Monday, September 14, 2009

The Kindergartner

Jordan has officially started school. He is now in 5-year old Kindergarten and loving every minute.

Sadly, I wasn't in town his first day of school as I was at a seminar for my next exam, but Cyn tells me that he was really excited. He's very proud of his Kindergarten/full-day status. He digs the 'hot lunches' and being just like the wizened 5th-Graders that go to school IN THE MORNING!

It was really fun hearing him boast of his new status to random kids on a playground a few days after..."I'm a kindergartner! I'm a kindergartner!"

One day in the car he said that "kindergartners sing the songs much better than the preschoolers. They mess it up and sound funny" Amazing how much changes in 3 months of summer.

Waiting for the bus

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  1. Wow, full-day kindergarten -- that's got to be kind of nice. Kolby's got afternoon kindergarten here, and he likes it a lot. Does Jordan get tired after going all day? Cynthia, how are you liking your new place? Ok, I guess it's not really your new place anymore, but hopefully you are liking your apartment. Peter, hope your studying is going well. If you need any distractions, you guys are welcome to stop by our place and have a game night. :) We miss you guys!