Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Picture (Singular)

Family pictures were a little different this year. Instead of several good shots, we have just one. Yep, one shot. And you won't be getting a wallet or 3x5 or anything else because we only have one single print this year. I suppose it's for the best - our family portrait is no longer complete with just the four of us.

And of course I had to do the obligatory photo mosaic! There are now 15,290 pictures from our marriage to select from and 10,000 tiles in the mosaic. I don't think it turned out quite as well as last year's, but good nonetheless.

In case you noticed...this is also the first picture I've released after my weight loss. I'm down 32 pounds in the family picture and now I'm down 37 lbs.!!!


  1. A lovely picture, indeed! And I noticed you looked slimmer before the caveat! Bravo!

  2. Beautiful picture! Congrats on the weight loss! What an achievement!

  3. Way to go, Peter! TLC looks amazing...no bump yet? The boys are as cute as ever. Miss you guys!