Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Newsletter, An Apology

Nothing about our Christmas newsletter was easy this year.

Just ten days ago I had no idea that we were going to produce a newsletter this year. TLC said we needed to write about such a banner year, so I got to work. Seven days ago we posed for family pics. Three days ago I picked up the pics (and we didn't order nearly enough), purchased the stationary (which doesn't match), and stuffed the envelopes (which are business-style because the stationary envelopes were the wrong size). I feel like I almost had to use duct tape to make it all work.

Two-thirds were sent out two days ago and should arrive in time for Christmas, but the other third was just mailed Happy New Year. I stayed up past midnight twice during a workweek in an attempt to send these off. Next year, my goal is to have everything finished by December 10th...there...I made my first resolution for 2012.

So in light of not having enough to send to everyone, having mismatching items, bad envelopes, etc...I'm sorry this isn't the highest quality newsletter ever. But dang...I am ecstatic that I was even able to pull it off!

Here are the photo and newsletter for those that haven't seen it yet. Merry Christmas!

I did like our family pics this year; except that Davis would not smile at all. His dimples would have completed that funny picture of the three boys.

Note that the top margin is cut off in this pdf. Geez, this really was a tough year for the newsletter. Next year things will be better...right?


  1. I thought your Christmas photo card was the nicest I received this year! Loved the photos of you and your children! I also thought you did an awesome job with the letter. So, you had us all fooled!

  2. We just received this yesterday, and I didn't notice any of the things that you are griping about! Don't worry so much, Mr. Perfectionist! ;) We usually try to at least send a card and a family pic, but we didn't even get a family pic taken this year! Of all years, we really should have this year - new house, trip to Costa Rica, trip to St. Thomas - it was a banner year for us as well. At least you guys got it all together! The finished product was beautiful and much appreciated! Relax! ;)

  3. Oh, and btw, I LOVE the pic of the boys - Davis' look is perfect! :)