Monday, May 28, 2012

Old Man

I'm already getting to the point where my kids think I'm old, so birthdays have kind of lost their charm. At least that's how I would have felt if this year wasn't so extraordinary!

When I approached my front door after biking home I was greeted with this 'birthday card' all over the front door. It includes a personalized note from all three boys, though Davis may have had some help. I've posted before that TLC likes to make homemade cards, but this was way above and beyond.

TLC also gave me a rare treat - one of her few ever cakes from scratch. And not just any cake...a real strawberry shortcake (my favorite). She asked for instructions the day before and when I sensed that she was overwhelmed I said a store bought Angel Food cake was a sufficient substitute. But no! She absolutely came through, buttermilk and all.

After cake, we dropped the kiddies off at the sitters and went to the simulcast of the This American Life live event! I can't tell you how much I wanted to go. This was easily one of the coolest things we've ever experienced. Not sure if any of you readers have played handbells with a rock band...but I have now. You can listen to half of the show online, but the best parts (Monica Bill Barnes & Company and the above pictured story on Vivian Maier) were just too visual to put on the radio. It was a date night I'll never forget. There will be future showings - GO IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

And I got to do it all while wearing my new pair of Dr Martens For Life shoes! After wearing out 5 pairs in 13 years, this lifetime guaranteed pair is the last one I'll ever need!

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  1. Glad your birthday was so great! That strawberry shortcake sounds amazing!