Monday, January 26, 2015

Best of 2014 Photo Album

Every year, since 2006, we have gone back through the year's collection of photos to gather the absolute best into one album. Our definition of 'best' is admittedly vague; the album contains our best shots, stories we wanted to tell, events to remember, pictures that strike an emotional chord, etc (and you're left to guess for what reason the pic is included!). As far as I can tell each image is chronological so each album is like watching our year in fast forward. Want to see the other albums? Go here.

2014's edition is 163 photos, much longer than usual, but it's getting harder and harder to eliminate photos when we take so many at a time. For example, Cynthia took the kids sledding today and in less than 2 hours, she took 75 pictures! Multiply that by a year of great experiences and it is just too overwhelming for me to manage and trim effectively. So in my attempt to make my life a little bit easier, I'm providing this massive album of our best shots in 2014.


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