Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now entering Yuppieville

Yesterday the Society of Actuaries finally granted me associate-level member status. So after 5.25 years of taking exams (and ~$20, paid), I am now officially an actuary. It feels great to not caveat the statement "I'm an actuary" with "well, my profession still regards me as an actuarial student". I'm STILL studying for fellowship exams, but it feels great to be far more secure in our future now.

Aside from the pay increase and greater future opportunities there have been a few interesting benefits of the new designation: I have felt far more respected at work the past month (since I passed the final requirement for associateship), I'll soon be able to sign statements of actuarial opinion, and now I have a professional title - Peter D. Hedgecock, ASA, MAAA, ALMI. What a mouthful! I'd prefer something simple like JD or MD but apparently those were already taken. (In case you're wondering what the initials mean... Associate of the Society of Actuaries; Member of the American Academy of Actuaries; Associate, Life Management Institute).

In light of this monumental event, Cyn and I just had to celebrate...which means we got a pizza, rented a movie (my choice tonight: Man on Wire), and fell asleep before getting 30 minutes in.


  1. Congratulations!! We're very, very happy for you guys!! Is there any chance that with your newly obtained "yuppiehood status" you might choose to relocate to Rochester, New York, of your own accord, since it looks like you will no longer be forced to make that move? We miss you guys and wish you lived closer. Just know that your OCD cooking presentations are sorely missed and we wish you were here so we could enjoy playing games with you.

  2. Great work Peter. I'm so happy for you guys. And welcome to the world of blogging. Great to have you on board.

  3. Congratulations! That is really exciting news. I'm glad that you can at least relax a little bit!

  4. How awesome!! I'm so happy for you! It sounds just like how we celebrate, only no kids yet to blame it on. :)