Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching Up, Three Years at a Time (part 2)

Here are our 'Best of Year' slideshow albums for the past three years. Our definition of 'Best' is somewhat broad - it may mean the picture has compositional value, tells a story we wanted to share, we thought it was funny, or we just like the picture. To see the pics without captions or to save any images, click the slideshow.

The Best of 2006

Direct link here.

The Best of 2007

Direct link here.

The Best of 2008
2008 was a bad year for our picture collection. Our old camera broke, and our new one crashed to the ground shortly into it's lifespan. The manufacturer wouldn't fix it but they did say what was wrong with it so I was able to fix it. All in all, we only had a working camera 6 months out of the year; expect a smaller slideshow here.

Direct link here.

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