Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I think I speak for all of us...

"Welcome to Idolholics Anonymous. Who wants to go first?"

"I will. My name is Peter..."

"Hi, Peter!"

"...and I'm an idolholic. With the exception of season 3, I've been watching consistently since season 2. But I've had a breakthrough recently. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we don't need this group anymore. I didn't watch American Idol last night and I didn't miss it because season 9 is THE MOST BORING SEASON EVER! Where did all the good singers and weird kids go? Not even Crystal and Sib..Siob...Shib...that one screaming girl...could convince me to watch it. Also, as Simon will be leaving after this season, I may never watch again...I guess that's all."

"...Oh my gosh, he's right!"

"Yeah, I didn't watch either!"

"Does everyone feel this way?"
(all heads bob up and down) 
"Ok, meeting adjourned."


  1. Bah ha ha ha! I'm not part of the group but I know a lot who are. I'm part of the "NO, 24 can't go off the air! Tell me it isn't so!" group. We may need therapy for a number of years.

  2. Peter, I love this season. It's an eclectic group and I got sick of the past season's of vocal gymnastics, Mariah Carey wannabees.

    I like the blues take from Crystal and Casey. All the complainers just want the same blah blah blah over and over again. I do think the show will suffer greatly without SIMAN.

  3. I like Crystal a lot. I wish the judges would shut their mouths and let her play guitar and harmonica without restraint.

    I like Casey's blues guitar, but anytime he opens his mouth I can't stand his vibrato.

    And I may be the only one who feels this way, but I just don't get Lee. He seems like every other frontman with a raspy voice. Been there, done that.

    I have a tendency to like unusual vocal characteristics, like Didi, but we see how far that went...