Friday, April 2, 2010

The Concert That Wasn't

My wife had an uber-cool idea for my birthday present this year. Knowing that I'm a big John Mayer fan and that ol' Johnny would be in Portland in March, we'd celebrate my birthday two months early and go see the show. I was exuberant, to say the least, and we started planning for it.

One problem though: the concert was on a Tuesday night. Kind of hard finding babysitters that will stay at your house until 1 am on a weeknight. Too bad spring break was the week before the concert. Johnny Boy, if only you'd come a week earlier I could have found a babysitter. Cyn even offered to let me go by myself...but I wasn't so keen on the idea of being a lone male in a sea of screaming girls, no matter how good the guitar playing is.

All those months of letting Cyn go to TLCB concerts and still nothin' worthwhile for old Pete. Dang it. I'll just have to settle for videos on Youtube.

Let's look back on some other concerts I've really wanted to go to but missed out on...

Another mid-week concert. I was a huge Aerosmith fan back in the day. What was I thinking?

I couldn't find a ride to SLC to see Billy Joel. The day of the concert I saw a few friends and asked them what they were doing that evening. Guess what they said? Yup. Memo to self: exhaust ALL options when trying to get to a concert.

How my sister, my own flesh and blood, ever went to a U2 concert without letting me know about it first is completely unknown. I may forgive you someday. Maybe.

Other less cool concerts I've missed out on for dumb reasons: Pat Metheny, Canadian Brass, Celine Dion, King's Singers...and probably more that escape me right now.


  1. TLCB is in Oregon right now...

    I'm sorry the concert didn't work out. Hopefully next time he's in the area you can work it out. My sister and her husband are going to see John Mayer in SLC in August.

  2. I am going to have to copy this post idea. I couldn't really bring myself to talk about the concerts we've missed or will miss...but you've given me strength, Peter. I think we, too, shall overcome! Oh! And if we lived closer than a ba-zillion miles away from you, I would totally have watched your little peanuts OR let one of my teenagers stay over late on a school night to babysit!

  3. Tab Benoit, missed that one! Never seen Bonnie Raitt, that would be great also, Santana is a must-see, some of these people will start croacking soon

  4. I didn't realize you were a big U2 fan! It was REALLY difficult to find tickets - we chased them down for months before finally finding someone through a radio station that wanted to sell 2 of their tickets for what they bought them for! It was worth the chase!

    I would also love to watch the boys if there was a little less distance between us! Maybe you can come out here & do another job fair presentation for the August concert! We could go with you so you're not alone! :)

  5. Hey Peter, I met you the other day. I'm Cynthia's friend from your ward. I wish I would have known you guys needed a babysitter. I totally will babysit for you guys. I am in the same situtation looking for a babysitter to watch my daughter until 1 am for the Conan O'Brien tour. We could have done a trade!!