Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mt. Hood Overload

It's no secret that I've been smitten with Mount Hood from the first day we moved here (or whenever I could first see it through the winter cloud cover). I told Cyn that for vacation this year I wanted to go wherever I could get a good pic of the craggy wonder. Well, after four days of camping at Trillium Lake, I think I came away with around 250 shots of the mountain. I only got snaps of the West and South sides, so the collector in me is already planning a trip to the North and East sides...tee hee. To show you my level of fanaticism,  here's a representative image from every angle I got.

Trillium Lake Nordic Loop

Trillium Lake (morning shot)

Mirror Lake

Extreme close-up! Taken from Timberline Lodge. This shot is from halfway up the 11,000 ft height.

Trillium Lake at sunset. Yes, I was crazy enough to take pics from the same locations during different hours of the day.

Lolo Pass. This is the West side, so it's pretty close to the view of the peak we have from downtown Portland.

Muddy Creek view.

Obsessed? You be the judge. But with a mountain that pretty a mere 60 miles away, can you blame me? 

Which shot do you like best?


  1. I need to move back to Oregon... As a teenager I backpacked around Mt. Hood (with my dad and 2 siblings) in 4 days. It was tough but AMAZING!

  2. That's a REALLY tough one. I love all three with the lake reflections. I'm going to have to go with Mirror Lake, though!

  3. Love the beautiful photos! Makes me want to come and visit Oregon. Just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing. Always fun to live vicariously :-)

  4. Photos are amazing! I was there in 88 and I don't remember it being that pretty.

  5. My favorite was the Trillium Lake shot . . . until I saw the Trillium Lake at Sunset shot. So pretty!