Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There and Back Again

Hooray for Cynthia being home again! What does someone do with 37 days of free time? You go to...

Bear Lake. Which, I hear, is the only place on earth to have a family reunion. Seriously, I know 7 people who are having family reunions this summer...every single one is at Bear Lake.

Minnetonka Caves in Idaho. Just because it has a cool name.

The Utah Shakespearean Festival. Cyn went thrice and saw two shows: Much Ado About Nothing, and Pride and Prejudice...sans Colin Firth.

Bryce Canyon, which I've always thought looks like how I imagine Mars looking.

Zion National Park

Sand Hollow Reservoir

Pipe Springs National Monument

The Grand Canyon...I know it doesn't look very canyonish, but I just had to show you the bison.

Ahh, Now that's more like the Grand Canyon.

Jurassic Park. I mean...Utah's Museum of Natural History.

She also spent time visiting both our families, playing games, helping with cleaning, visiting friends, etc. It was a long time to be apart, but it was very valuable for the boys to be able to really get to know their grandparents and cousins. Thanks to everyone for being so accommodating to Cyn and the boys.


  1. Awesome Bryce Canyon is great. A horrible place to lose a cow!

  2. Wow, so many of these sights make me homesick! Glad to hear she had such a fun-packed trip, as well as spending time with her extended family. Thanks for sharing :-D

  3. We LOVED having them, and the cousins had a fabulous time playing together! What a wild bunch those 5 little boys are when they get together! Mom