Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quilt, part 1

Jordan's school had an open house last week. The main purpose was to show us the awesome Egyptian decorations set up for the school's "Culture Week". Jordan also took us down to his classroom to pick up the above 'quilt' that he made. Among the quilt patterns, there are four tiles that describe some of Jordan's favorite things.

The drawing of frogs and the drawing of our family made sense, but I couldn't quite understand the middle left drawing...was it a house?...a store?...a rocket? Luckily, on the back of the quilt, all of the squares were explained.

That's where I found out what my son's favorite place is:

Yes, it really says The Pot Store.


I can explain that...

What Jordan means is the CERAMIC store. Yeah, ceramics. A few months ago, we took the boys to one of those ceramic studios where you purchase a bowl or plate, paint it up, and come back a few days later when it's glazed and toasty from the kiln. Jordan has quite an artistic nature so it's no surprise that he would enjoy the process enough to call it his favorite place.

This is the dinosaur that Jordan painted with Mommy's help

Carter, ever the financial-minded child, picked out a bank shaped like a soda can. You can probably already tell from the not-quite-even layers that I helped him with this one. I for one thought it was clever to use a Poké Ball instead of the Pepsi logo.

You know what else you could do with that bank? Hide your weed in there!

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  1. I seriously need to stop reading these at work. I can't believe I missed this one - I haven't been to a 'pot store' before but I'm sure we have a few here. I'll have to take my kids to one!