Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quilt, part 2

But here's the real reason Jordan's quilt was so remarkable...

I love playing catch. Probably because it was one of the few activities I felt like my dad and I could enjoy together in my formative years. There's just something about the sound of baseball smacking a leather web that's almost magical to me. I've played catch with TLC for years (even during all three pregnancies) and now the boys are old enough to play. I have seriously been choked up after playing catch with my boys a few times.

So you can imagine how great I felt when I saw Jordan's favorite thing to do:

I promise it doesn't say doll. We'll just have to work on those lowercase b's

The 'playing ball' pic is middle-right. Jordan specifically pointed out that it is a picture of him playing catch with me. I give him an A+.

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