Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Worth Something

I'm hoping most readers are completely unaware of this post. I would hate to feel like a braggart or prideful. However, reaching some milestones (no matter how small) requires so much time and brute force that failure to acknowledge that milestone would make me feel ungrateful.

The Lovely Cynthia (TLC) and I did not come from great economic backgrounds. Malcolm Gladwell would probably write us off to the ghetto with a knowledge of our past histories. In an effort to get us away from poverty, I decided to become a first-generation college student and make every effort to receive a marketable degree. Raising a family while attending college and financing it with a part-time janitorial job almost turned out to be disastrous, but we made it through with a HUGE mound of debts; public, private, and personal (we got the trifecta!).

Because of those debts (which we will still be paying over the next 9.5 years) we will never have the same financial opportunities as our peers...ever. However, it certainly beats the alternative of not earning a degree.

So, the milestone...for the first time in our 10 years together, our net worth is greater than zero. Meaning, if we were to liquidate all our assets (at book value) and pay off all our debts, we'd have enough left over to buy a cappuccino or two. I know that may seem paltry, but I've been praying for and working toward this for years...it brings tears to my eyes to finally be in this position. I can finally feel like I'm worth something...

...on paper, that is.


  1. Congrats!!! We were pretty much in that same boat - it's not easy getting ahead when your parents couldn't foot, or didn't foot, any of the educational costs. Won't it be nice to finally get a paycheck and not have any of those long-term debts to pay!? We're not there yet, but some day...some day.

  2. Awesome! I was lucky enough to have my BYU education paid for, and I don't remember a bit of it. I almost wish I had to foot the bill myself.

    It's only up from here!

  3. Congratulations! It's crazy how expensive life is (and how much CEOs make).