Sunday, March 18, 2012

Craig Von Thygerson

We haven't updated the blog in a long, long time. We had a couple posts in the queue, and then tragedy struck. Cynthia wrote most of this post 4 weeks ago and we've been trying to find a moment to finish it before rolling out any additional posts. 

Craig Thygerson was killed in a car accident on February 3rd. He was 42, the father of six children, and he was my sister's husband.

Because of the gospel I know that this is really a good thing for Craig. He endured to the end, and he did it well. My memories are not filled with Craig lounging around, taking life easy. Craig was a man of service. He was the one you would find fixing your car, helping with the meals, cutting wood for his neighbors so they could have fuel to heat their homes, and volunteering in church to help others. He was a small town country boy. He liked to ride horses and have fun outdoors. His circle of influence may have been small, but I don't think anyone had a negative opinion of Craig. He was a worker.

Craig was also a quiet man. He had a hard time hiding his smile, even though he tried to hide it often. He had a certain presence. We all liked having him around. And we miss him.

These are two songs from the funeral that brought peace to me. Count your Blessings and Be Still, My Soul. Every thought delivered peace from Heavenly Father that everything would be OK and everything is in His hands.

I still miss Craig. I wish he could be here sharing in all the family memories that are still ahead. But I know Craig is in the Lord's hands and I know we are all in the Lord's hands. That Heavenly Father is closely involved in the aspects of our lives and watching over us.

I also want to remember from the funeral the very strong feeling that Heavenly Father was orchestrating so many details of everyone's lives to work out so perfectly.

This picture of Craig was taken when he and his family visited us in Oregon last summer.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. How absolutely tragic. The peace of the gospel is extra sweet at times like this. xoxo

  2. A wonderful tribute for a very sad occasion. I admire how very strong your family has been, it has been an example to us all!