Monday, June 4, 2012

Pioneer Century 2012

Two days after the bike accident I had a half-century (55 miles to be exact) to ride. I was looking forward to this for months so I couldn't miss it. My bike is still getting inspected for insurance purposes, so I rented a carbon fiber bike for the ride. It was super nice, but I miss MY bike. The injuries from the crash didn't hamper me one bit and I had an extremely enjoyable ride.

My main goal this time around was to record video of Sawtell Hill, the giant 3000 ft hill during the ride. The camera mount wasn't that great, but I think I got enough video to be entertaining. You be the judge.


  1. I think we have different definitions for "enjoyable". :)

  2. Awesome video!!! That downhill section looks fun! Congrats on your successful half-century - especially after the setbacks you faced. =D

  3. Awesome, Peter! Thanks for sharing! Now I need a nap! ;)


  4. Cool video. Makes me thing of all the bicycle riding we did together for your scout merit badge.