Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching Up, Three Years at a Time (part 1)

Even though I've had tons of things on my mind I'd like to blog about, I don't feel like I can put down anything new until we've caught up and bridged the news gap since we last reached out. The last newsletter we sent around to everyone was Dec 2006, so the task of catching up has been a little daunting. But here goes...

There are two parts to catch up on: news, and pictures. This post covers news, the next post covers pictures.

First off, here is the last newsletter we sent in Dec 2006. It chronicles Carter's birth, my graduation, our move to Wisconsin, etc.

Volume 5 Edition 1

Next, this is the newsletter that we WERE going to send in Dec 2007. Right before hitting send, I decided that I didn't like the newsletter at all and I would do a major rewrite when we got back from our Christmas vacation...didn't happen. So here is the never-before-seen final edition of Bushchicken Weekly. The major events covered are the visits from our family in summer 2007.

Volume 6 Edition 1

Which leads us to 2008. Here are the highlights:

January - We return home from our trip to Utah. It was wonderful being able to see all of our family and some friends again. Sorry if we missed you - two weeks go by quickly during the holidays. Carter also turns two. What a cutie.

March - Peter rotated departments at work to learn a new side of actuarial science. He's now in renewal pricing for individual markets. It started out very poorly but is going smoothly now.

April - Cynthia is released from her calling as a counselor in the primary presidency and is called as a member of the enrichment committee.

May - Peter takes an actuarial exam. Fails.

early June - The boys attend their first MLB game. The Jakemans were kind enough to fly Cynthia, Jordan, and Carter out to Washington to visit for a whole week. Thanks so much guys! Peter used the time alone to retake the failed exam, it was worth it; he passed.

mid-June - We moved from our swanky Milwaukee apartment to a not-so-fab (and more expensive) Menomonee Falls apartment so Jordan could attend school in a better school district.

July - Peter had to attend an ethics course in Washington, DC. Since this was our only shot at getting a vacation in busy 2008, Cynthia came along and we extended the trip to make a 3-day vacation. In case you're wondering, Cynthia went to the spa while Peter was in the class. This was the first time we left our kids with someone else overnight. They didn't seem to miss us one bit. Thanks to Emily and Holly for watching them!

August - Peter takes another exam and passes. Our anniversary was also this month but we were so worn out from trips and other holidays that we forewent celebrations. Instead we watch the Olympics opening ceremonies with friends.

September - Jordan starts a half-day 4-year old kindergarten program. He's been loving it so far. Jordan also turned five this month.

October - Jordan and Carter dress up as Super Why and Alpha Pig (respectively) from their favorite TV show, Super Why. Cynthia worked on the costumes the entire month.

early November - Peter takes the most important exam of his career thus far. This one was a make-or-break. Pass or be out of a job. Results didn't come out until January, but it was a pass.

mid-November - Cynthia flies solo to Utah to see her brother married in the Saint George temple. She has a great time meeting Celeste and seeing family again. She somehow forgets to bring home In-N-Out burgers for Peter.

Well, that's it! We've finally caught up!!! Help us keep up-to-date with your lives by checking out this site regularly and leaving a comment or two.


  1. I'm happy you started a blog! I remember you talked about wanting to start one a couple months ago at church.

  2. Woohoo!!! I'm glad y'all finally jumped on board! I've been wondering what the hay was going on!