Saturday, February 21, 2009


Apologies to all Scots out there, but the Scottish are odd folk. Who could have possibly conceived the idea that haggis was safe for human consumption or that the caber toss was fun? What amount of liquor was needed for the birth of golf?
"Aye, it'll be great! We'll whack tiny balls with large clubs half-way across the countryside and...and...spend half the day looking for the ball! Pure dead brilliant!"
Which leads me to the absolute craziest idea the Scots have ever given us - hurling boulders and sweeping brooms down icy paths in a game of strategy. Naturally, we were fully on board.

Ever since Tyce told us that he was an avid curler and played in a national championship we wanted to give it a go. He called us up yesterday (we seem to do everything together last minute) and a couple hours later we arrived at the 'Tosa Curling Club.

Cynthia and I were having a great time but the kids were really upset that only the adults could play. So we snuck them on the ice! Jordan was probably doing a little better than I was and called it his favorite game. I'm sure that will last just until he's tried something else new.

Thanks, Tyce and Faith, it was a blast! Cynthia described the fun of the event as "like Christmas morning. On ice!"

Here Cynthia shows us the oh-so-proper form that we developed.

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