Friday, March 13, 2009

4-year old art gallery, part 1

In tribute to Emily's recently found fame in which we all learned to not share our opinions of art (at least not in Milwaukee), I felt it appropriate to re-post two of Jordan's adventures in creating modern art. Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Emily...though I do hope to see more of your famous critiques in the comments section.

Part one was originally posted Nov 27, 2007 on my parents' website.

Let it be known, once and for all, that I have a silly 4-year old.

Every time we try to leave the house he says "I wanna stay!". We respond, "Ok, then stay" and he replies "...I wanna go!".

When we played Nintendo Wii at a friend's house last week, he kept bragging about how good he was compared to all the adults in the room.

He constantly asks myself or his mother if we're going on a date this week just so he can get us out of the house.

Yes, he's as independent as they come. And sometimes his independence leads to surprising turns of brilliance. Like the amazingly sturdy bridges he builds out of expensive books from our bookshelf. Or his organization of marshmallows into a Pareto distribution pattern. Or his co-writing a song on my guitar called "Circles".

Lately his new thing has been photography. Over the past 6 months, he's probably taken about 100 photos. I couldn't quite bear to erase them, because some of them...well...they're close to modern art. Each evokes a certain emotion (mostly confusion) within me. So it is without further ado that I give you the "4-Year Old Photo Gallery" presented by the National Fund for the Child Arts.

Existential Pumpkin

What is a pumpkin really? Once carved and desecrated of its seeds...can it really retain its nature? My 4-year old challenges the very assumptions we have of nature.


Vertigo encloses every thought as I view this image. Accentuated by the ripple effect delicately captured on the clock face, the trepidations of our pumpkin jumper alarm a passerby.

Light and Shadow

My 4-year old's classic image from his light and shadow period. Is the tree really that full or does it just SEEM to be that full? Only the 4-year old genius knows for sure.

The Void

Does a family table really have a base without the family at the table? My 4-year old again challenges the very beliefs we take for granted everyday.

The Forlorn Foot

Just a foot you say? Or is it the sad viewpoint of child as Daddy packs up for a business trip? Melancholy in digital format, I say.


From my 4-year old's "my favorite things" period, he vividly captures the pride of parent only a genius can truly enjoy.

The 4-year old Artist

No photo gallery could be complete without a moody image of the artist. By the way, his shirt says "Are these people really my relatives?" Perfect. I smell a Pulitzer a comin'!


  1. Loved this post. The pictures are sheer genius! Sell them to an art museum!

  2. Those ARE good pictures!

    And I'm happy to see the witch pumpkin still lives! :)

  3. Just looked up your blog on google and saw the new post. Had a good time at church yesterday. Hopefully I can convince my husband to keep going.