Friday, March 13, 2009

4-year old art gallery, part 2

I originally posted part two of the art gallery on my parents' website Jun 26, 2008.

I hesitate using the same gag twice.

But Jordan, you see, may actually have more talent in his right index finger than I have in my whole frame.

Several months ago I mentioned that Jordan had taken a strong liking for photography and started going around the house taking pics. He hasn't stopped since.

What's more, we had to get a new digicam, so guess who got the still-somewhat-functioning older camera?

...this time I won't use the facetious art critic comments.


I've always liked his quilt, but Jordan just seems to capture something here. I love the lack of center without overhanging of squares on the margins.

Read Above the Lines

The top of his bookshelf. Cynthia enjoyed this one more than I did, but the angles, lines, shadows, and contrast with the righter void are very nice.


Jordan seems to love contrast in light. When I asked him about this stunning pic he said 'I took picture of my shaaadow." (that's his shadow in the lower left).

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  1. Those pictures though done by a 4-year old really do resemble modern art. You really can't get more modern than that, he's fabulous!