Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tooth Fairy pays first claim

Jordan lost his first tooth on March 12! Look how proud he is! For some reason I wasn't expecting this for a few more years. Visions of orthodontics bills are flying through my head. Is it normal for two adult teeth to come in the place of one baby tooth?

Jordan was very excited that his wiggly tooth finally came out. He also told us about some tooth fairy person that leaves money for unusable disposed chompers. As we were never able to recover the tooth, I stated my opinion that evidence of claim could not be provided and thus, the contract with aforementioned fairy was null and void. Jordan wouldn't budge from his position.

The tooth fairy paid out - one or two days late - but Jordan didn't find the quarter until it was pointed out to him. We need to sync up a little better next time.

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  1. We just had out 4th visit by the tooth fariy. These last two, however, have been special order. Tyson has wanted the $1 for the tooth, but he has also wanted to KEEP the teeth to show his classmates. The tooth fairy has been very understanding in working with these requests. Oh 6 yr. olds.....