Sunday, August 16, 2009


We're bad people. We postponed a trip to the temple so we could go to the Wisconsin State Fair. We hadn't been since 2006, and we weren't planning on going this year, but our friends talked us into it on Friday night. Am I glad we went? Sort of. It was fun for Cynthia and me, but the kids were whiny the entire time and ornery for the rest of the day and part of Sunday.

See what I mean? It also cost a small fortune to go and eat dangerous foods. There's little chance of us going next year. Not to mention that Milwaukee's mayor was attacked by a guy with a metal pipe after leaving the fair...but that's a different story.

Still, there were some highlights to share! (by the way, the above pic of Jordan was after looking at rabbits, geese, turkeys, ducks, pigs, hogs, horses, cows, sheep, llamas, and goats...he'd seen just one too many stinkin' animals)

Jordan finally lived his dream of being turned into a robot.

We've never gone to the fair in the morning before. I'm SO glad we did this year. We were there before 9 am, so we were able to enjoy the venues that always have long queues. One was the milk house. We've always wanted to go, but this was the first time we did. Huge glasses of flavored milk for 25 cents each. We got chocolate, cherry vanilla, banana, and root beer. The root beer is divine, but the banana wasn't half bad! We were all pretty full after those glasses of milk.

This year's new food-on-a-stick was chocolate-covered bacon. My sister and I have been making fun of that "food item" for a few weeks now, so I had no intention of trying it. Apparently, no one gave that memo to Cynthia. She bought it, tried it, and hated it.

Then Jordan tried it. He thought it was ok.

Then Carter tried it. He thought it was chocolaty. Therefore, it must be tasty.

Then I tried it. And I finished both pieces of bacon. It was really quite good. I've always said that bacon is the candy bar of meats - one of the few meats that can be acceptable as sweet or savory. I may be the only one who thinks so, but it worked. Bonus points for them using dark chocolate. Sorry to disappoint you, Charlie (that's my sis).

We also had fried PB&Js (delicious) and a fried Reuben on a stick (not so delicious), Palermos pizza (perfection), and maple cotton candy (fun).

Thank goodness there was something for the kids to do that didn't cost both arms. The Department of Natural Resources had a fun educational stamp collecting expedition. It was much quieter than the rest of the fair because it was 'boring' and 'just for kids'. All four of us had a good time there. The above virtual postcard was taken in the DNR building; the message is subliminal...hurry up and visit us, y'all! We'll make ya chocolaty bacon on a stick!


  1. That is the SMALLEST face opening I've ever seen on a cutout! Unless Carter's face is abnormally huge...but I doubt it.

    Sorry your fair experience wasn't mind least the pb&j was delicious!

  2. I like the sign, I wish we could go back to Wisconsin. We miss living there very much. We miss seasons. We miss the green. We miss the people. We miss the cheese and being cheddar heads. I could keep going. I am glad you guys are doing so well there.