Sunday, August 2, 2009

Three is a lonely number

On Wednesday, July 22nd, I drove Cynthia up to the Dells for Girls' Camp. Cynthia was staying until Saturday afternoon which gave me plenty of time to play with the boys. The drive was a little longer than anticipated - I finally got home at 1 am.

Waking up the next morning was pretty rough. Jordan and Carter were able to get sufficient sleep on the drive, so they were up at the crack of dawn trying to wake me up. Jordan's persistence paid off, and I groggily ripped myself from the inviting sheets. For the rest of the day, everything felt too bright for my tired eyes.

We went fishing at Mill Pond and didn't catch a thing...again. We have a really bad habit of doing that. Maybe we need some private lessons or something.

Then we went swimming at North Junior high. It's a much nicer pool than I anticipated, but since we were confined to the shallow end, we mostly just played water basketball for the better part of two hours. I had to take a nap after all the swimming, but that was also short-lived as Jordan woke me up AGAIN! So we finished the rest of the night by watching manly SpongeBob and Bob the Builder.

On Friday, we caught the pizza tour at Palermo's. That was lots of fun - I recommend it. For $5, we got an hour tour of the factory, a slice of their delicious fresh pizza for all three of us and a ball of dough so we could make more pizza! We're all pizza-ed out, but it was lots of fun. They also gave us a little kitchen ruler with notches for pulling out oven racks; Carter has been happily manning the oven ever since.

As much fun as it was to spend some alone time with the boys, we all really, really missed Cynthia. I had to explain to Carter umpteen times what day and time Mommy was coming home. On Saturday morning, we had a ward member leave a message on our answering machine while the three of us were at the store. The message was basically asking what time the campers would come back. Carter heard it and knew it was about camp and therefore, about his Mommy. He got visibly angry, threw his hand up in the air and shouted "that bad lady has Mommy and won't give her back!!!" Sorry Jill, you're on Carter's naughty list.

We happily welcomed Cyn home with a bouquet of purple flowers, a clean house, and a day's worth of completed laundry.

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  1. Peter, Menomonee Park is close by and has much better fishing then Mill Pond.

    Nick B