Sunday, August 9, 2009

When I Grow Up

When I was a kid, anytime I said what I wanted to be someone would say something like "you'll never be that so pick something else." So I listened to them and kept changing. Here's the flow throughout my life: astronaut, baseball player, computer programmer, actor, teacher, MBA (though I was never sure what industry), Oracle DBA, actuary.

The reason I mention this is because Jordan and Carter are both keenly interested in what they want to be. And I hope no one ever tells them what they can or can't be. We'll just encourage them as much as possible in whatever interests they have.

Carter has always been interested in cooking. Anytime we're making something 'real' - meaning it actually requires the stove or oven - Carter is there standing on his step stool begging to help. So it was no surprise when he told us "I want to be a chef!". Not a cook, not a foodie, not a sous-chef, he wants to be THE chef. We asked him what he wanted to cook and he said "fancy dinners". I can't wait until he starts cooking for us.

The Naked Chef displays his work

This morning, Jordan was drawing a new book. He said to us "After I decide to stop being a farmer, I want to be an Arthur!" He means an author. A few hours later, he gave us his new book "The Monster Goes to the Moon", shown below.

It's best viewed in fullscreen.
The Monster Goes to the Moon

Wow. This book is amazing! I'm not sure which part I found most impressive: the front cover and back cover have details of the moon, the monster is cute and drawn the same throughout the book, the thought bubbles of the moon, or the bubbling around the dream sequence. We'll have to work on grammar and story development a bit, but I was darn impressed with this book.

Keep it up, boys.


  1. What a darling little story! Funny, while I'm reading this, Rayna is pretending she is a chef and Erin just made chocolate applesauce! Gotta let them dream, right? What's Carter cookin' up today?

  2. You and Cynthia are doing a fantastic job with your boys, and I just wanted to give you a pat on the back.

  3. Have someone illustrate the book and I think you have that could really be published as a children's book