Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jordan's Super Party

Birthday parties sure are an elaborate affair. Cyn and I decided that the boys will now have a birthday party for friends every other year.

As much hard work as it was, we had lots of fun. Three full families came over - 8 adults, 9 kids. We ate pizza and then the kids had a Super Why activity while most of the adults chatted. Every one of Jordan's friends got a superhero cape in the same colors as the Super Readers.

Then the kids watched the introduction to an episode of Super Why and then they had to find super letters to learn the moral and solve the problem.

I just realized that if you've never seen the show, this probably won't make too much sense...just know that it was cool.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the cake. Which is great, but I kind of wish we didn't have to eat the darn thing. Way too much work to admire for only 3 minutes and then cut up.

The cake says "Super Jordan". So great that Jordan was dressed up in his Super Why costume from last Halloween. We even had Carter in his Alpha Pig costume!

I had all the kids put their capes on and strike a superhero pose. This is the result.

Many thanks to everyone that came and the kind gifts. Even more, thanks for sticking around and playing Crokinole! :)


  1. Peter- I wasn't offended! Of course I'm going to do it anyway regardless of what other people think, but I didn't think our friendship was over. Thanks for checking in on that, but really all is good. BTW- dang cute pics.

  2. So cute! Nice work on the cake. If it makes you feel better, we all are admiring it and will be for a long time, so it's ok that you ate it. Wish we could have been there.