Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Op-ed

Saturday, whilst I sat in a library studying the design and pricing of insurance products, the family decided to do something a little less nerdy. Off to the pumpkin patch!

Cynthia is really the one that should be writing this post as she was there and I was not, but apparently she was not so inclined to acquiesce my request. I can therefore only give my opinion as to what the pictures might mean.

I believe Carter is trying a Vulcan mind-meld with this pumpkin...or is it a Horta? (too obscure?)

I believe that instead of charging customers for the pumpkins, the owners simply take embarrassing photos of all persons picking out pumpkins. This allows them to participate in the much more lucrative practice of blackmail.
Doesn't that little ghost in the middle know that witches taste terrible?

I believe that, given the presence of a bathtub in the background (seriously, what's that all about?), the two animatronic puppets are presenting a PSA on the benefits of proper hygiene during flu epidemics: "give hand sanitizer to trick-or-treaters for the ultimate in fun this flu season! Remember to have a fun, and safe, Halloween this year!"


  1. Oooh, handing out sanitizer....excellent idea. I think you're onto something.

  2. Thanks for the Horta link. I've seen the episode. Definitely did not remember the name.

    Maybe witches do taste good to ghosts. He certainly looks pretty excited to me.