Friday, January 8, 2010


We're still camping out in our apartment after six days. Hopefully our furniture will arrive on the moving truck tomorrow and end our mornings of severe back pain.

Obviously, we don't have our computer yet either, so I won't be posting about our journey until Sunday-ish.

However, I do have time for a quick piece of good news from my work computer...

I passed the actuarial exam I sat for in October! Woot!

Now for the bad news: I passed the exam.

If I hadn't passed, I'd have two exams left to get an FSA and CERA credential. I'd also be eligible for two salary increases and two bonuses.

However, since I DID pass, I have one exam left to get an FSA, two exams left to get a CERA. I'm not eligible for any monetary benefits this time around, so I'll only be eligible for one salary increase and one bonus.

Got that? Neither do I.

Regardless, it feels great to pass an exam that I put so much effort into. I resumed studies for the next exam this morning on the bus. I guess I'll see my wife and kids again in June sometime.

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  1. Congratulations! Guess all those weeks of neglecting your family paid off! ;)