Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things, Part II

Continuing the tradition of cleaning up the quotes sidebar, here's the second batch of archived quotes from our boys:

Peter - "What if we all reverently ponder the things we learn on Sunday?" Jordan - "That would be weird!"
Jordan and Carter have this weird game where one person says a 'what-if' statement that's out of ordinary and then the other says "That would be weird!". They were doing this LOUDLY after church one Sunday, so I (foolishly) asked them a different what-if.

Jordan - "Holy Kadondo!"
Impressed with the bidirectional round elevator at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Jordan could only express his true amazement with creative word-smithing.

Carter - "It's drip-dropping today."
You can expect a whole lot more drip-dropping in the years to come, Carter.

Jordan - "I'm here for your conscience". Carter - "I'm not here".
This is still too existential/metaphysical for me to wrap my brain around. Carter was in the bathroom and Jordan knocked on the door to find out if it was occupied; this exchange ensued. I have no idea what they were trying to say, but they seemed to understand each other.

Jordan the not so penitent - "sorry." Mommy - "That's not good enough; I want a big-time sorry." Jordan - "...big time sorry."
I wish I had been there to witness this. I would have laughed like there was no tomorrow.

Carter - "I want the Sunblock Chips!"
Maybe we should explain this concept a little better...

Carter - "I want juice. This time, I'm gonna SUCK it up!"
Maybe you had to be there. Carter gets very excited about simple things.

Daddy - "What do you call those wheelchair spaces in parking lots?" Jordan - "Oh, Happy Caps!"
I love when kids mispronounce things. Lately, Carter has been calling his Inspector Hector flouride rinse "Specter Hector".

Carter - "Happy Peter's Day, Daddy!"
Hey, it's the thought that counts.

Carter - "Mommy and Daddy married!" Daddy - "Yup. And now we have two little boys." Carter - "Uh-huh! And they got borned in the temple!"
How do kids come up with these assumptions?


  1. Haha, I love the explanations to go along with them. Although I was really hoping there would be one for the 'I'm here for your conscience/ I'm not here' incident!

  2. Ok, I've revised what I wrote. I didn't like what I had there anyway, and was planning on changing it.

  3. Well at least I now know where Jordan was and Carter 'wasn't'! Gotta love 'em!