Friday, January 29, 2010


Maybe I've been playing too much Portal recently, but when I see this image, I think...THE CAKE IS A LIE!

I've now been posting to this blog for a year. Or, as most men my age would say, I've wasted the past year writing junk that no one will ever read. Well, I've got news for them: 22 followers, 3,326 views, hits from all inhabited continents, and I've really enjoyed it. It gives me a chance to write a family record, make some people laugh, keep in touch with many of our friends, and express/vent my creative side.

Starting a blog isn't as easy as you might think. I tried a blog a few times before this one. It takes time, it requires a decent visual style, it needs a cohesive goal. In previous blog attempts I tried funny, family only, journal, introspective...none worked. Our 'mission statement' for this blog was to throw caution to the wind and make an eclectic comical hodgepodge of stuff from our psyche. Seems to be working so far. Although, I still think it's a little family heavy. A trend that I will correct as soon as I get caught up with exporting my pictures from the past 3 months.

So! Here's a look at our first year on the site:

Number of posts written by Peter:


Number of posts by Cynthia:


Yeah, little bit of a disparity there. Especially considering that she started this blog. At least she's kind enough to write down quotes from Jordan and Carter.

Most popular post by number of visits:

V8 Fusion Exposé

It's true. That post is crazy popular. Just look at 4 of the last 5 Google keyword searches that have led to our site:

v8 fusion ingredients goji raspberry
v8 fusion ingredients list
v8 fusion water
v8 fusion ingredients list

...I really just thought it would make for a funny post.

Not surprisingly then...

Most popular image on our site (according to Google images):


Most popular post by number of comments (10):

Which is really about me getting canned. This isn't really surprising though. Try this social/psychological experiment: Type "Got a new kitty" on Facebook and see how many people comment. A week later, type "My kitty died" on Facebook and see how many people comment. I promise you you'll get more comments for sad news.

Most disappointing posts:

Knock Knock
The Zealotmobile

Sadly I have more than one disappointing post. These are posts that were supposed to be enjoyable or funny and yet didn't get a single comment. Flops.

Strangest Google searches that led to our blog:

"Not my SpongeRoberto Squarepantalones"
"molto disney car battery"
"kids say the darndest things conscience"

There are some real nutcases on the interwebs. And these are just the weird searches that I happened to catch. I may have missed some other zingers.

Well, in all seriousness, it's been a rough year for me. And I'm very glad I was able to have this blog as an outlet and reminder that friends are always near. Thanks for reading. Here's to more entertaining pieces of our psyche. And remember to enjoy with liberal servings of marmalade and toast.


  1. Peter, I am like Cynthia and let my husband do the majority of the posting. I don't know about her, but I would never be happy with my posts, so I can't invest the time/energy into it. Nick, however is a "get-er-done" kind of guy, which is why he can happily post and never wonder if anyone liked it. That being said, I think that you can't judge a post by how many comments left. I can't tell you the number of times we've had verbal comments about our blog posts that we thought no one read due to the sad little zero. Sorry...this comment is turning into a post, but I am curious how you found out all your information from Google? Lastly, we love your blog...even if we don't always comment!


  2. I read almost every post.


  3. I DO read every post, and as you know I check your blog almost daily. I'll have you know that "Wilhelm", "Knock Knock", and "The Zealotmobile" were most certainly not FLOPS! I quite enjoyed each of those posts (although I admit I had to refresh my memory as to which post Knock Knock was). I would actually say that they were perfect posts that rendered us all speechless. There was nothing else that could be added to these works of perfection. And yes, I now whack my husband in the knee whenever I hear the Wilhelm Scream. :)

  4. Patty,

    I use to monitor google searches that lead to this site. There's a very tiny gray and orange link to it WAY at the bottom of my blog. There may be something better that I don't know about though.