Thursday, June 17, 2010

End of School

When Jordan first saw this school picture he said (with much shock) "I did not take that picture! I was INSIDE a building when they took our pictures!"

Jordan finished Kindergarten today and eagerly awaits the first grade. Now that school is over, the vacations start! Cynthia started the vacation season minutes after the final school bell rang; she and the boys are now driving to Utah for a family reunion and then a month-long (possibly?) stay in Hurricane.

I will be working and studying during the next month. Where's the equality?!!!

In addition to Jordan switching back to full-time in the fall, Carter will also start half-day preschool. It feels like we'll be empty-nesters before we know it.


  1. (Empty-nesters ... pshaw) CYNTHIA AND THE BOYS ARE COMING TO UTAH?????? I HOPE THEY PLAN TO STOP IN SALT LAKE!?!?!?!? Does she have a cell phone on her?? We'd LOVE to have them come stay with us for a night or two!

    P.S. LOVE Jordan's reaction to the pic!!!!

  2. To answer Cyn's question....Mike and I are playing in the pit for Great Expectations the we will be in town 4 days every week. The rest of the time we'll be in St. George, so either way, we're close. I want to hang out as much as possible!!!!! My cell is 435-817-5822.