Sunday, June 20, 2010


Whenever I scan a picture, like the pic of Jordan in the previous post, it feels like I have a billion more things that I should scan. So I get scanner happy and make digital copies of everything. Here are two pictures I scanned this week that I'd like to share:

One of the many perks of being married to The Lovely Cynthia (TLC) is the many fun drawings she'll produce. She loves arts and crafts to such a degree that I know whenever a holiday rolls around, I can expect a special treat - a homemade card. Here's the front cover of today's Father's Day card that TLC drew.

The picture isn't's designed to look like they're peering over the card. I love it. Even though they weren't here today, the card brought a smile to my face. The inside was cute too, with a nice drawing by Jordan of the two of us playing at the park. In case you're curious about the hats...

These are (from left) Carter's, TLC's, and Jordan's hats of choice.

On to the next scan!

Back in her SUU days, one of TLC's classmates drew this caricature of her during a Marketing Club competition trip. I have no idea who the artist is, but I love this guy's work. This is one of the best caricatures I've ever seen. If someone were to ask me what TLC was like back when we were dating, I'd hand them this picture. I can't help but smile when I see it, and it's been in a frame on our nightstand for 8 years now.

Oh, and Cynthia insists to this day that the guy who drew it wasn't flirting with her. Pfft.


  1. I love TLC! Such a fitting nickname! Especially for a quasi-TLCB groupie! :)

    Thought of you guys at the Clapton concert last night. Was wishing you were here so we could have double-dated!

    AND will be missing Cynthia at the Eclipse outing tomorrow night. In just over a week another friend is leaving us...Emily! I think Nick and I should move to Alabama so people will miss us too! :)

  2. Love that card!
    Nick B

  3. I LOVE you guys! I also wish we could have gone on a double-dated to the Clapton concert. Well even if you don't move all of us that have moved miss you! I miss you. I miss running into you on my late night candy run to the store at 11pm. :) I miss having you come visit teach me. I miss being a TLCB groupie with you. I miss your fun personality and the happiness that you take everywhere.