Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soccer Season

Jordan completed his first soccer season a few weeks ago. Since micro soccer is kindergarten and first grade (and lots of people hold their kids back here) Jordan was one of the youngest, smallest, and most inexperienced players. So though he didn't look like Ronaldinho's heir apparent, he had a great time running around, learning the sport, and making friends. The last game was played in an on-and-off rainstorm. You would not believe how much the kids enjoyed running around in that!

He told us during the season that he had been waiting a long time for a chance to play soccer because he "couldn't wait to hear people cheering for him". I'm not sure if that means we don't cheer him on enough at home, but it was cute to hear and we amped up our efforts to cheer from the sidelines.

Jordan completed one goal in the season and is very proud of the soccer medal he received. I hope to get him to watch the World Cup in a few days with me to keep up his enthusiasm for soccer. (Vá, a Seleção!)

This is actually a pic from practice. I could have sworn I took pictures during his first game, but I can't find them now. Doh!

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