Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Magnificent 7

Jordan turned seven! ...Hold the phone... I have a seven-year-old? I swear I'm not mature enough for this.

We decided last year to have a family-only party every other year and so this was the first birthday just for the fam. Jordan asked us to compensate for the lack of friends by buying him an extra present and catering to his every whim (he's a great negotiator).

Jordan's favorite color is green and his second-bestest color is blue, so the whole party was based on the above color palette.

The big gifts of the night were the Lego Star Wars sets. Now he not only has a Lego Star Wars t-shirt and computer game, he also has the mucho expensive lego sets as well. I hate to admit it, but I had a blast building those darn things. Legos are so much cooler than when I was a kid.

Here's the cake that Jordan chose. He wanted a 'blueberry cake with blueberries in it with blue frosting, green frosting numbers (1-6), a number 7 candle, and blueberries on top" (we put the blueberries on later). The cake was from scratch (as always) and though I've never attempted a blueberry cake before, it was divine...like a giant blueberry muffin.

I just can't believe how fast he's grown. We're very proud of him and how far he's come - it's been a long time since he was our little "Squishy". Happy birthday, Jordan.


  1. Happy belated Birthday, Jordan!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jordan! That cake sounded mighty delicious :-D !