Monday, October 11, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things, Part III

Whenever we collect 12 or more sidebar quotes from the boys, the oldest ten are archived into a post. You can find the previous editions in the following links:  Part I  Part II

Carter - "Guys! Guys! Mount Hood is so snowy. If you're going you should bring a snow ball thrower!"
It's amazing how quickly kids learn strategic negotiations and manipulations. Carter saw a snow ball launcher at REI just a few days before our trip to Mt Hood. He wanted it but we politely told him that there's never enough snow in Portland to warrant a snow ball launcher. Once we got to Mt Hood and saw glaciers, he knew there was a way to argue his point. Still not buying it though, kiddo.

Carter - "The moon is a tall glass of water."

Most people would say that the full moon is rather large, but Carter loves expressions. ...We love the way he misuses expressions.

Jordan - "Mommy, did you know if you believe in Santa he really is real?! You should try."
So Jordan asked us upfront last Christmas if Santa was real. Not one to lie to her kids, Cynthia told him the truth. Ever since then, Jordan has been telling us evidences of Santa's veracity. It's pretty cute.

Carter - "Mom, it's taking a long time for me to get old. I've just been waiting for it ALL DAY!"
It's cute how much Carter wants to grow up. He's asked us to measure his height twice in one day and he loves showing his 'strong arm' (right arm) off to anyone who will listen.

Carter - "Blow out the candle and we could put it on again and it will say ' I'm Alive!' "
There's a cartoon on Animaniacs that stars the tiny candle flame Thomas Jefferson used while writing the Declaration of Independence. At one point the flame is blown out but then comes back to life saying the above line. So Carter thought it would be fun if our dinner table candles did the same thing. By the way, how cool is it that my kids know Animaniacs cartoons by heart?

Jordan - "Carter, guess what Daddy is the leader of - the whole family. And Mommy is the leader of the whole family. And guess what I'm the leader of? YOU!" Carter - "I like you, Jordan"
Jordan the power-monger. Carter the brown-noser.
Carter - "But seals eat fish. They eat big fish without even mixing it."
Amazing what you learn at the zoo!

Jordan- "Wow! I've never seen the rain, Rain so much!"
This was right after we moved to Portland. He does have a point...
Mommy - "Carter are you still hot? " Carter- " Ummm ... mmhh! But the hot is hiding on my back."
Carter, sitting in his car seat, was right in the sunlight during a long trip. We got the sun out of his eyes and inquired of his status a few minutes later.

Carter- "I really liked my batman fishing pole, but my batman fishing pole was killed. So I just got another one." (said sadly)
By 'killed' he means that he dropped his pole in the lake. Carter prefers the spearing method of fishing over the traditional line method. Sheesh.

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  1. Love it! Good thing you are writing all of these down--you think you will remember them, but they easily slip from your mind unless you record them. Kids also grow up so quickly, their funny little sayings become fewer and fewer. Thanks for the smiles!