Sunday, January 16, 2011

Be My Super-Awesome Wii Friend

So I just figured out how to add Wii friends. Our console number is below; please add us and give us your console number so we can add you. No idea how to find your console number? Go here.

4421 0628 5280 7464

I know this is really geeky, but I used the LUHN Mod 10 method to ensure this wasn't a valid credit card number before posting it to the world.

Our Wii Connection enabled games are: Mario Kart, Mario Strikers Charged, Dr Mario Online Rx, Tetris Party (Wiiware, not the Deluxe CD version), and Wii Music. Even if you don't have any of those games, we'd still like to have super awesome Wii friends...'cause a Wii without a friend is just a Mii.


  1. Does that allow our MII's to mingle? We have never figured that out.

  2. Wow, cool - I'll look ours up and let you know. I highly recommend Animal Crossing - City Folk. Although just a warning, it can be very addictive and time-consuming. You and your kids can play in and improve your town and visit other towns where your friends are playing, like ours! By now the game is pretty inexpensive - like $20, maybe even less now.

  3. Nick, this gives you the ability to send/exchange Miis, but it doesn't mingle them automatically.

  4. Our Wii Console Number is 4386 5490 3148 5374 so add us! =D We have Wii Music too!

  5. OK, don't have any of those games yet, but our Wii Number is 4008 1473 8025 6595. Now for me to figure out how to add people to mine....