Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ooma (Not Thurman)

Yet another electronics purchase. I've got capacitors coming out my ears by now. We bought an Ooma box, something like this...

Although it actually doesn't look anything like that. We got the older and cheaper model. Regardless, it's a VOIP box so now our home phone service is free. Yippee! This did necessitate a change in our home phone number so if you need our new number, just ask.

As we have three different numbers, this change may be confusing, so let me detail it out for you.

Area code 414 number...this is our cell phone. We hardly ever use it and the number hasn't changed.
Area code 262 number...this is our Google Voice number. We use it as a forwarding number, so it will reach us no matter where we are.
Area code 503 number...this is our home phone. It has changed to a different 503 number. The old one is already disconnected, so ask for an update if needed.

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