Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well, in an attempt to add some girly things on our blog and portray life from my thoughts I am going to write a post. Besides, I can do things worth writing about.

See, I make things.

Balloon hats and swords on demand!

Receiving blankets and burp cloths as gifts for baby showers.
Quilted blankets for Jordan and Carter just because Carter asked me how I made a quilt from my childhood. (I took them to Joann's and they picked out the materials. But I did all the work.) I even learned how to make and attach my own binding for these, which is something I have never done before.

And of course, my annual tradition of making this nativity wall hanging. I've made one, or more, every year for the past seven years. Each one has gone to one of my siblings for Christmas. I have one left to make!

If Jordan had his way I would be making a whole lot more things. He wants to put into production every idea in his head. Like when he wanted Santa to bring him specialty costumes made from characters in his books and drawings. Unfortunately, Santa was a little too busy to make detailed costumes of "Bolt - Lightning Man" and "Huggie Monster", or they would be featured here.

But this idea made it to production. Jordan was home sick from school and thought it would be fun to make a fishing pole and fish for Carter. (Carter loves fishing.) I think they turned out darn cute for a totally from scratch idea and supplies.

The next idea on the list is sock aliens and sock monkeys. *sigh* That one is sounding like a big project. But, I like to be creative and see what my hands can produce.



  1. Hooray! A post from Cynthia! You are so creative girl! The quilts look great! I also love the little burp cloths. Very cute!

  2. Wow, I am very impressed! Thanks for sharing, I hope you will do more of these to let us see what you have been creating!!

  3. I love that your boys get into the crafts also! I should really try making a quilt. Yours turned out so cute! You should definitely keep posting as more crafts are produced. =)