Sunday, August 14, 2011

Niner, Niner

I'm starting to get the distinct impression that Cyn and I are starting to age. We marked our ninth anniversary last week (hooray, us!). It doesn't seem that long ago that we met...unless you compare the pictures...

August 2002

August 2011

I know that second picture isn't very formal, but we (for whatever reason) don't have very many pictures of just the two of us. Carter took this one, and I'm honestly surprised at how well it turned out. I think we showed more of our natural personalities for the pic because we didn't think the pic would turn out.

We had family over during our anniversary and our initial plan of seeing Les Miserables was unreasonable because of Davis so it was hard to celebrate this year. However, when I came home from work, Cynthia had a cute little dinner set up for us on the balcony. There are nine tea lights on the ledge, one for each year. The idea was to have a private dinner, but Jordan and Carter were intent on foiling that plan. Still, it was a nice family dinner.

For the record, I made a wonderful choice nine years ago. I can't imagine a better lady to happily work through life with. I am deeply in love with her and grateful for the happiness she brings to all around her.

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  1. Love this post! What a cute set-up for your anniversary dinner! Great job, Cynthia! Love you guys!