Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things, Part IV

Whenever we collect 12 or more sidebar quotes from the boys, the oldest ten are archived into a post. You can find the previous editions in the following links: Part I  Part II  Part III

Carter - "I'm rich with cookies!"
Carter is always thinking about money and wealth. It's kind of bizarre. We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and this was his way of saying that we had a lot of cookies.

Carter - "My watch isn't water-proof; it's dry-proof."
I love the way kids think in terms of opposites.

Jordan - "What if meat was meant to make strong buildings?"
Jordan is a little philosopher. 'What if' is one of his favorite games. I really wonder where he was going with this one though. Doesn't sounds very pleasant...Carrion Tower?
Jordan - "Mommy, sometimes I'm having such a good day that I like to think about my life and how special it is."
I think this quote is an older one - maybe as old as two years ago. But it made us happy enough to write it down on a sheet of paper in our car when it happened...and here it is.
Carter - "If we have a kid I would name him 'Plain Jane' "
Jordan and Carter had lots of opinions on naming Davis. Jordan HATED the name Davis for a while. Carter wanted to name him "Carter". When we shot that down, Plain Jane was his next choice. This was before we knew that we were having a boy; when Carter says 'kid', he means a boy. Heaven knows what his choice was for a girl.

Jordan - "Did you know if you eat a real eyeball it would be pretty gross?"
Jordan the philosopher, again. He'll usually say a statement like this and then open his eyes really wide while nodding up and down, as if to say, "I know exactly what I'm talking about!"

Jordan - "The caterpillars will turn into raccoons!"
Hmm...Biology 101, according to a first-grader. I'm sure he meant cocoon, but it was still perplexing.

Jordan - "Eeek! He rains toys and stuff."
Carter and Jordan were playing. Carter filled his pants and shirt with small toys. He then walked over to Jordan and opened his shirt and pants to make everything fall out. This was Jordan's honest (and slightly stunned) reaction.

Carter - "Marshmallow power is REAL!"
Every little boy believes he has super powers. Apparently Carter acquires them when he eats Lucky Charms.

Daddy - "Do you want chicken or gnocchi for dinner?" Carter - "What's chicken?"
We've probably had more positive responses to this quote than any other. What's really strange about this exchange is that Carter doesn't like gnocchi and chicken nuggets are his favorite! It was just one of those funny 'brain fail' moments that will never be duplicated. Also, how many 5-year-old boys know what gnocchi is? Good eats at the Hedgecock's.

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  1. These always make me giggle - I think it makes it even more funny knowing the explanation behind the quotes. The gnocchi one makes me chuckle each time, but today (for some reason) was the first time I'd seen the 'Plain Jane' one - people in my office must think I'm crazy because I couldn't help but laugh out loud! I LOVE that Carter wanted to name the baby Carter!