Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tooth Fairy Knocks Twice

Carter lost his first tooth. I can't tell you how excited he has been for this day. Ever since he saw a certain episode of Tiny Toons where Dizzy gets cash for a tooth, he has realized that losing teeth can be a lucrative source of revenue. I think he secretly wishes that every tooth would fall out today; Carter is extremely financially minded and would do almost anything to gain the filthy lucre.

I made a big mistake this time. In our home, we have to "call" the Tooth Fairy on the phone and 'schedule a delivery' to appease the boys (it's a long story). I "called" the Tooth Fairy but then I FORGOT TO DELIVER! Carter was absolutely distraught the next day. I must do better next time.

Well, that makes two boys actively losing teeth. Those orthodontia bills are so close it scares me.

Money, money, money, moneeeeeyyy! MONAAAA-aay!


  1. I like the the little text under Carter's photo

    Nick B

  2. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. It seems to get harder as the years to by. Last weekend Kenzie lost a tooth during Family Movie Night. We have Family Movie Night on Friday nights because frankly the parents are just too tired to do anything else, the kids look forward to it, and we can fall asleep during the movie then send everyone off to bed when it's over. I knew this would be a problem. Unfortunately the Tooth Fairy was not conscious enough to make the trade during the hours that Kenzie was asleep. I did sneak in very early in the morning, but Kenzie's door cracks when you open it and she turned wide-eyed to see who was there. I left the door cracked open and left after explaining that I was just checking on her, then went back after I figured she had gone back to sleep. I quietly tip-toed over to replace the bagged tooth with cash. (Thankfully I had helped her place it under her pillow near the edge of her bed where a little movement shouldn't disturb her.) *Phew!* Oh, and did I mention that I didn't have any cash on me and she was hoping that she'd also be reimbursed for a tooth that she'd lost a little while ago while eating out and then actually LOST? Thank goodness I had an extra $2 bill hanging around. Sheesh, I'll be glad when all of this Tooth Fairy business is over!!