Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lego Land!

On to the main event! Here's our trip to Lego Land in a nutshell...

 So, like I said, I had some camera troubles this trip. Great timing, I know. My main camera was out of juice most of the time (and had a dirty lens) and I couldn't find my waterproof camcorder until after the trip. Oops. 

We did take some pics on our phones, but now that we've upgraded to better phones, I can't find the old ones! Someday soon I'm sure they'll turn up along with the rest of our Lego Land pics.

Anyway, I don't have a whole lot of great pics as a result. The picture above is the only pic we got of all five of us at Lego Land.

 One thing you've got understand about Lego Land is that EVERYTHING is made of Legos. I think they said there are 6.4 million bricks in the park. This statue is about 12 feet tall...I can't even fathom how much time it took to make some of these things. Even the mirrors in the restrooms had intricate Lego frames.

The park was absolutely perfect for Jordan and Carter, but there weren't a lot of rides for Davis. This plane ride was one of them though; we made sure that he got to ride many, many times.

Just like Disneyland, Lego Land is divided into multiple 'lands'. This is Adventure Land, an Egyptian themed area. One of our favorite rides was near this spot. It was an interactive ride where each passenger had a laser gun to shoot targets that altered the ride. The guns also kept track of how many targets you hit so it became a competition (Cynthia won).

There is a Lego TECHNIC area, designed for older kids, with more mature rides. We made the mistake of going there first and trying out the roller was...a tad bit too scary for us.

Our favorite ride, The Dragon, was located in the medieval-themed Castle Hill. The Dragon is the biggest roller coaster in the park and was so much fun for all four of us that we rode it all three days of the trip.

Right outside The Dragon, the boys found these cool knight outfits. Carter couldn't stop talking about them, so eventually we caved. We got a full outfit (shield, sword, sheath, and cape) for both of them for Halloween. 'Cause we're awesome parents. 

The heart of Lego Land is Miniland USA which has tons of real-world locations and a few Star Wars locations built out of Legos. There was a life-size Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Darth Maul but everyone was excited to see the enlarged minifig of Yoda.

My favorite Star Wars location was Endor...

 ...though Naboo was probably the most impressive.

This HUGE model of US Capitol had a sign saying that if each Lego used in the Capitol was stacked on top of each other, it would extend 7 miles. Dang.

 They also had the full Las Vegas strip, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It was all really cool.

This 'Hydronauts' ride doesn't look impressive, but it was a lot more fun than it looks. The best part was underwater air cannons that would spray the riders whenever bystanders pushed a certain button. Hee hee.

This is a great shot from a fairy tale boat adventure that Davis was able to ride on. Definitely the cutest ride in the park, but I won't bore you with MORE pics of Lego people.

Then Davis started making out with Mommy while Jordan and Carter were driving go carts. That kid has the moves!

 It all came to a close too soon. We all had a wonderful time!

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