Sunday, September 16, 2012


...TAP TAP TAP....

...testing...testing..., two, three...

I think we're live again. It took a while to recover after my computer power supply went belly up as we were on vacation, but the ol' gal is running again. I still have to route CAT-6 cable throughout the house and setup a NAS, but that will come with time. I also swapped out our media console which looks oh so stunning. Now the last family room project is to stuff the A/V cables behind the drywall. I'm still nervous about that project as the wall is insulated. Even with the fish sticks, it will likely be frustrating enough to draw out a few cuss words.

Anyway, tons to follow this post. Lots to catch up on, etc. etc. As always, enjoy this blog with a healthy serving of toast and marmalade.

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  1. And just for Charlotte... Translating this to Cynthia terms... The computer works again and Peter is trying to get an internet outlet in the kitchen and not just in the upstairs office.

    The TV is hanging on our wall and the cords look messy hanging down so he will cut a hole into the drywall and shove them down with a tool called a fish stick.

    Oh and we got a new entertainment center that holds the computer and hides all of the electronics. :) I like it.