Monday, June 22, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

One of my favorite sections of this blog is the running collection of quotes we keep from the boys. Those quotes crack me up no matter how old they are. However, it's starting to get a little large, so I'm going to archive the oldest 10 here (leaving the most recent two quotes) and repeat this process whenever there are more than 10 quotes in the sidebar.

The sad part of this though, is that Jordan hasn't been saying a whole lot of crazy/weird things lately. 4 year old kindergarten refined him just a little too much. But our ears will definitely be waiting for any zingers that come along. Also, I wish we started this blog 3 years ago to have a place to record the funny things our kids said. I'm sure we'll one day regret not writing these down sooner.

Enough mushy's the first archival of quotes.

Carter- "Mommy! Today the sunny is going to stay up FOREVER!"
Carter regularly refers to the sun as 'the sunny' and is obsessed with 'pushing the sunny button' to make the sun go up and down each day. Go figure.

Carter - "Where's my unca-munca-monica?" (harmonica)
We got a cheap plastic harmonica for the boys several months ago, and Carter just can't seem to say the name correctly. He does play pretty well, though! The boy has an ear!

Jordan - "Babies only drink milk...and mac & cheese."
As mac & cheese is his favorite meal, I'm sure he regards it as manna from heaven.

Carter - "Darth Mater is his mommy."
The boys love playing Lego Star Wars and Jordan enjoys watching the movies...but Carter is just a tad confused about the storyline.

Carter pulling out a 2-quart pitcher of chicken stock - "I want juice!". Daddy - "That's not juice, it's chicken-flavored water". Carter - "......I want chicken-flavored water!"
Carter is a very demanding little boy. I was shocked when he was taking out the chicken stock (which was quite heavy) and demanded to drink it even after hearing about the contents.

Jordan - "Well hello, Pop Tarts! Nice to see you again!"
We purchased one box of pop tarts. Jordan liked it and requested more. A week later we purchased another box; he polished it off and soon requested another. When he awoke to the sight of pop tarts, this is the reply we got.

Jordan - "Happiness is the love of happiness"
We were having a simple talk in the car about what brings happiness. Then Socrates, aka Jordan, surprised us with this comment. Very deep, at any age of thought.

Carter with ear infection - "I have touchin's in my ears"
Well, how else would you describe an ear infection with a 3-year old's vocabulary?

Jordan to Mommy - "I wonder how many days are left until spring. I'll ask Daddy...he's the smart one." Mommy - "I'm smart too." Jordan - "But I thought you were cute..."
Tee hee!

Carter- "My eyes are playing hide and seek."
Carter discovering the power of eyelids.

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