Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inanimate Names

It's time to confess something embarrassing. I have given names to inanimate objects that we possess. But I'm OK with that...lots of guys do that, right? Take my guitar and ukulele for example:

B.B. King, one of the greatest guitar players EVAR named his guitar Lucille. So why shouldn't I have named my guitar Hazel? And when I got my ukulele, I already had a 'nut name', so it was an easy decision to name the uke Peanut. There's nothing wrong with that...

Lots of guys name their cars, too. For instance, David Hasselhoff named his car Kitt (cough, cough). The car is completely gutless (only 120 horsepower), so I named it Lofty. Yes, Lofty. Like the confidence-lacking crane on Bob the Builder. Oh, I didn't watch little brother was big into that show at the time. Yeah.

So you see? Completely manly. I named guitars, cars, I'm ok. Nothing strange about my naming behaviors...

Uhh...this is Bob, the Kitchenaid mixer. I was really excited to get it as a wedding gift and I named it Bob on the spot.

I'M A MAN!!!

I feel better now.


  1. All 3 of our iPods have names. My camera has a name. My car has a name. I never thought about giving my beloved KitchenAid a name though. I wonder if she feels left out? Yes, mine would be a woman. She works hard and multitasks with the best of them. :)

    Should I be embarrassed too??

  2. Karen,

    Your family's iPod-to-Adult ratio is currently at 150%. It's time to share the love with a family with a lower iPA ratio. Ours is currently at 0.