Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Though unsure of what kind of car we wanted, we were perfectly sure what kinds of cars we didn't want:
  • Sedans -  too small for two screaming boys.
  • Wagons - still not enough space for Craigslist acquisitions.
  • SUVs - too expensive and trendy.
  • Minivans - all the maneuverability of a broken tank.
That kind of limited our choices. Long story short, we researched a ton, test drove a few, and decided to get a Mini-minivan, which is kind of cross of a wagon, SUV, and minivan. There are only two on the market, and we chose the 2009 Kia Rondo. Yeah, a Kia...I can already hear your taunts. But it can hold up to 7 people, has tons of room, and handles like a car, and was within our budget. It fit our family best.

I hated my last car purchase experience, so I decided to play by my rules this time. I got the internet sales managers at all six Kia dealers within 50 miles of Portland to bid against each other via email. Then I called them and gave them a chance to beat the lowest bids - great fun listening to them squirm. I figured a dealership would take a loss around $800 below invoice, I dreamed of getting $1100 below invoice, and the best bid was $1410 below. Cha-ching.

I was unsure if we'd name the car because it's so much fun to yell "RRRRRRRONDOOOOOO!", but Jordan had a flash of genius hit him. He thought that if the name Lofty came from Bob the Builder, the next car should be named from the same show. He decided on the name of the steamroller, Rollie. I like it, but dislike the spelling. So please let me introduce, Roll-e. 'Cause that's how we roll.



  1. It looks great! Good job. Although I do have to defend the maneuverability of my Toyota Sienna!

  2. We test drove the Sienna. It was the deciding factor in NOT getting a minivan. But I'm glad that you like yours.

  3. Love the way the spelling links Bob the Builder and WALL-E! Looks fabulous!! Congratulations!! (Had to edit my comment now that you added the year into the post - otherwise I look like a complete idiot!)

  4. I'm wondering what the other mini-minivan is. Having not heard the term before, I submit my own vehicle, the Mazda 5, for consideration. Like you, we wanted a car but needed the three rows of a minivan for three carseats. I love it. And it's nice to have all that space and still get 30 mpg.

  5. Ding! You're right, MommieLeigh, the other mini-minivan (or microvan) is the Mazda5. We test drove it, and it was nice, but I couldn't pay the 5-7 grand more and lose the seventh seat. Nice car though...very well planned out.