Sunday, February 14, 2010



It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Lofty the car. Lofty’s cylinders finally succumbed to a poor cylinder compression problem that he developed 9 months ago after a lifetime of indentured servitude.
Lofty, a sparkly red Chevrolet Cavalier, was born in 1998 in a plant in Ohio. After a few years sowing wild oats as a rental car in Florida, he met Peter Hedgecock (then a college Freshman) on a used car lot in Las Vegas in October 2001. Peter was looking for a student car that would last a couple of years. Instead, Lofty lived on for 8 1/4 years.
Since that time, Peter and Lofty have made quite a combo. They met Cynthia 5 months later and quickly added her to the passenger list. Jordan and Carter were also carried home for the first time in Lofty (and many times thereafter). Lofty has survived a tire rub from another car, a front fender bender, and a speeding ticket and garage banging incident in the same day from Cynthia.
Despite his lowly 120 horsepower, Lofty has transported the Hedgecocks through 12 states, 8 moves, and 111,433 miles. His final road trip was a brutal 2700 mile drive from WI to OR. Lofty was registered in Oregon ($186) for two days before finally dying. His final odometer reading is 163,788.
He will be greatly missed. Lofty's remains will be donated to charity.
In lieu of flowers, send motor oil and spark plugs.
Rest in peace, Lofty.

On to the next car! Stay tuned!


  1. Be strong! Lofty would have wanted it that way!


  2. Sad day, we will remember you Lofty. So, I hear Toyota's are selling or cheap now...


  3. Oh, dear - a sad day indeed. Eight moves?? Wow! Can't wait to hear about car #2!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this trying time.

  5. Do you get the registration $$ back?! Are you thinking of a minivan this time? Can't wait to see what you get.

  6. What a devastating loss! Good luck on the birth of your next baby!

  7. DeAnn,

    No, I don't get a cent back of the TWO YEAR registration. Stupid Oregon.

    We were thinking of a minivan, but then we test drove one. And then I remembered how much I loath minivans, not to mention the cost. So, no, not a minivan.

    More to come...

  8. I remember when Mike and I drove you to Vegas to get Lofty. Wow, what memories. Hope you get another winner.